Hutchinson Wheels

Field-tested, Lightweight Aluminum Wheels Proven to Perform in the Toughest Environments

Hutchinson provides field-tested aluminum wheel solutions to the most important vehicles in the world. The Hutchinson wheel continues to perform in major military conflicts and is also utilized on many commercial and security vehicle applications.

Vehicle builders have special needs when it comes to adapting their platform to customer demands. Hutchinson can propose a turnkey solution, from concept to production, to accommodate special demand regardless of the potential production quantities.

Armored BMW - Ogara

As your one-stop wheel solution, Hutchinson can:

  • Develop a concept
  • Optimize the design
  • Produce prototypes
  • Validate and certify the product to any standard requested
  • Deliver production
Heavy Crane commercial vehicle
Phantom Works: Phantom Badger
Lenco security vehicle

Optimized weight

Any reduction of wheel weight allows for additional armoring, increased payload, improved fuel mileage, optimized suspension/dynamic behavior or amphibious capability.

  • Solution: Hutchinson lightweight aluminum wheels can save over 50% of the weight of a comparable steel wheel.

Mine protection

The first barrier against a mine blast is the wheel assembly. The energy absorption characteristics of a wheel assembly will mitigate the blast.

  • Solution: Independent testing of the Hutchinson aluminum wheel design has proven to reduce the acceleration from a blast significantly when compared to a comparable steel wheel.

Impact resistance/toughness

Military vehicles are often exposed to sizeable impacts while operating off-road or trying to escape danger zones. The wheels are directly affected by these impacts.

  • Solution: The Hutchinson aluminum wheel has proven to perform in the toughest environments, both off-road and combat.

Field Maintenance & Safety

It is impossible to change a tire on a 3-piece lock ring wheel in the field. A tire mounting/dismounting machine or vertical press is needed. A lock ring may open any time, increasing the risk of injury.

  • Solution: The 2-piece bolted together wheels manufactured by Hutchinson can be disassembled and reassembled in the field with standard hand tools.

Tactical™ TS2 installation

Mounting and dismounting of the Tire Saver Shield™ from a vehicle must be quick and easy. The system can be equipped by the factory or can be mounted later making the Tire Saver Shield™ mission-specific.

  • Solution: The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield™ is easily mounted with screws directly to the wheel without removing the wheel from the vehicle.

Integrated CTIS
(Central Tire Inflation System)

The traditional CTI valve system plumbing mounted on the face of the wheel is a source of leaks and is difficult to assemble.

  • Solution: Hutchinson has a patented integrated CTIS wheel design with internal air passages, eliminating external hoses and fittings. This drastically reduces the number of components from up to 30 to as few as 3.
integrated CTIS
Integrated CTIS
External CTIS
External CTIS