Specialty Truck Wheels

Field-tested, Lightweight Aluminum Wheels Engineered for Customized Platforms

Hutchinson provides field-tested aluminum wheel solutions to the most important vehicles in the world. The Hutchinson wheel continues to perform in major military conflicts and is also utilized on many off-road vehicle applications.

Vehicle builders have special needs when it comes to adapting their platform to customer demands. Hutchinson can propose a turnkey solution, from concept to production, to accommodate special demand regardless of the potential production quantities.  The only commercially available, D.O.T. approved dual internal beadlock wheels on the market.

As Your One-Stop Wheel Solution, Hutchinson Can:

  • Develop a concept
  • Optimize the design
  • Produce prototypes
  • Validate and certify the product to any standard requested
  • Deliver production

Any reduction of wheel weight allows for increase payload, improved fuel mileage, and optimized suspension.

Hutchinson’s lightweight aluminum wheels can save over 50% of the weight of a comparable steel wheel.

Off-road vehicles are often exposed to sizeable impacts that directly affect the wheels.

Hutchinson’s lightweight aluminum wheels have proven to perform in the toughest military environment.

Hutchinson wheels can be disassembled and reassembled on the road with standard hand tools. 

Hutchinson Wheel Accessories

Hutchinson Beadlocks

The Hutchinson Internal Beadlock ensures the clamping of the tire beads on the rim at lowered or zero pressure.  This increases the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrains such as sand, mud, or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tires.

The Hutchinson Internal Beadlock complies with all industry rim standards and has been used with all major tire brands.  The internal double beadlock system holds the tire bead securely against the rim, without breaking the bead seal or slipping during use.  Unlike external beadlock rings installed on one side of the wheel, the Hutchinson beadlock clamps in the beads on both sides of the tire.  Further, the Hutchinson internal beadlock is DOT approved and is “street legal”.