SecureBand™ Wheel Safety System

Maintain vehicle control and tire security after a blowout or puncture with Hutchinson’s lightweight, flexible wheel safety system – SecureBand.

When a tire deflates, air pressure reaches a low point providing insufficient pressure to hold the tire in the correct position on the wheel. The tire bead can move around freely and drop into the wheel well resulting in loss of traction, braking, and mobility.

Sudden air loss can cause you to lose control of your vehicle resulting in catastrophic consequences. Enter the SecureBand wheel safety system!

SecureBand on tire rim preventing tire bead from moving

Benefits of SecureBand:

  • Designed to fit over the wheel well to prevent the tire bead from moving into the well
  • Helps prevent the tire from coming off the wheel during a blowout or puncture
  • Assists the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle as a result of a flat or blowout
  • Helps maintain braking and mobility after tire deflation allowing the driver to travel to a safe stop
  • Proven performance: in use with law enforcement and emergency services for over a decade on thousands of vehicles
Cross section of SecureBand in tire

Key features of SecureBand:

  • Non-corrosive
  • 1-piece design vs. multi-piece design
  • User-friendly installation compared to other well fillers
  • Lightweight, flexible design for easy installation
  • No wheel damage during installation as seen with rigid designs
  • No impact on wheel balancing and driving performance
  • Quick-connect feature for temporary installation
  • Adjustable length and width to fit all wheel profiles
  • Installed to a specified torque to assure proper fitment and performance