Hutchinson’s expertise protects the most important vehicles in the world.

Hutchinson provides engineered mobility solutions for all wheeled combat, tracked, and off-road vehicles.  Hutchinson’s customer-oriented philosophy provides responsive support from prototyping and low-rate production to full production of products suited to the customers’ needs.

Innovative design and development concepts allow Hutchinson to meet the demands of tomorrow’s lighter more survivable vehicles.  Every Hutchinson product is designed by our in-house engineering department resulting in state-of-the-art technology to serve customers in the Defense, Security, and Commercial markets. Hutchinson’s design engineers prototype, test, and validate each product to meet customer requirements.

Hutchinson Products: Runflats, Internal Double Beadlocks, SecureBand System, One and Two-piece Light-weight Aluminum Wheels, Road Wheels and Track, Tire Saver Shield, SafeTank Self-Sealing Fuel Tanks, Complete Wheel Assemblies, Net and Stock Polymer Shapes, High Complexity Machined Parts.

Design Process

Hutchinson designs and manufactures full-function prototype assemblies for testing to meet customers’ demanding timelines. Fully functional prototypes are machined to the same standards and specifications as a production item. Hutchinson assembles prototypes in the engineering lab and provides technical support for in-field testing.

Testing and Validation

Each Hutchinson design is tested to determine its capability and integrity. Before production, vigorous material and structural testing is completed either in-house or by an independent laboratory. Once qualified, the product design must comply with the U.S. and European industry standards such as SAE, US military specifications, Finabel and customer performance requirements.

Collaborative Projects

Hutchinson’s in-house experts are involved in an ongoing collaboration with fellow experts in industry, academia, the military and various organizations specializing in research, development, and testing.  

Hutchinson’s objectives are to strengthen innovation capabilities and sharpen their knowledge of emerging technologies to anticipate trends.

Hutchinson Capabilities

In-house testing lab

    • Virtual testing using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Mechanical property testing
    • Optical emission spectrometry
    • Direct hardness measurement
    • CMM with dedicated fixturing
    • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Sample preparation and sectioning
    • Salt Fog per ASTM B117
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Light Microscopy
    • Metallography
    • Real Time Radiography
    • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis
    • Performance Testing per SAEJ1992
    • Metallurgical/Microstructural evaluation
    • Quality Assurance


    • Assemblies
    • CNC machining, programming and verification
    • Post-machining processes
    • Pickling
    • Passivation
    • Chromating
    • Stress relief
    • Thermal cycling
    • Trivalent Chemical Conversion
    • Primer/Topcoat painting
    • Vulcanization
    • Rubber-Metal Bonding
    • Rubber Molding
    • Polymer Molding

Academic Partnerships

Hutchinson partners with universities and engineering schools to develop synergies to improve the design of products under development and promote new and innovative ideas.