Complete Wheel
& Tire Assemblies

Hutchinson provides field-tested aluminum wheel solutions to the most important vehicles in the world. The Hutchinson wheel continues to perform in major military conflicts and is also utilized on many commercial and security vehicle applications.

Vehicle builders have special needs when it comes to adapting their platform to customer demands. Hutchinson can propose, and provide, a turnkey solution, from concept to production, to accommodate special demand regardless of the potential production quantities.

As your one-stop wheel solution, Hutchinson can:

  • Develop a concept
  • Optimize the design
  • Produce prototypes
  • Validate and certify the product to any standard requested
  • Package to customer specifications
  • Deliver production

Hutchinson is equipped to handle complete wheel assemblies in our dedicated facility.

  • Dedicated mounting professionals
  • On-site QAR Inspectors
  • Logistic experts for domestic and international shipments
  • Packing capabilities
  • Mil-Std-2073 Compliant
  • On-site and customer field training available