Armored Security Vehicles Equipped with Hutchinson Wheels

Hutchinson wheels are known for their exceptional durability and reliability, making them a popular choice for security armored vehicles. These wheels are designed to provide superior performance in challenging terrains and harsh environments, which is crucial for vehicles involved in security operations.

Hutchinson wheels are often used in military and law enforcement vehicles, as well as cash-in-transit vehicles and VIP protection vehicles. They offer several features that enhance the security and performance of armored vehicles:

  1. Run-Flat Capability: Hutchinson wheels are equipped with run-flat inserts, which allow the vehicle to continue moving even if the tires are punctured or damaged. This feature ensures that the vehicle can escape from dangerous situations or reach a secure location without being immobilized.
  2. Beadlocks: Hutchinson wheels incorporate beadlocks, which tightly secure the tire bead to the wheel rim. This prevents the tire from dislodging during extreme off-road driving or when the vehicle is subjected to high impacts, such as during a blast or collision.
  3. Reinforced Construction: Hutchinson wheels are manufactured using heavy-duty materials and advanced engineering techniques to withstand extreme loads and impacts. They are designed to resist bending or deformation, providing enhanced protection for the vehicle’s occupants and equipment.
  4. High Load Capacity: These wheels have a high load-carrying capacity, allowing armored vehicles to carry heavy payloads without compromising performance or safety. This is particularly important for security vehicles that may need to transport additional equipment, personnel, or cash.
  5. Reduced Maintenance: Hutchinson wheels require minimal maintenance, thanks to their robust design and high-quality materials. This reduces downtime and ensures that security vehicles are ready for operation when needed.

It’s important to note that while Hutchinson wheels offer excellent performance and security features, armored vehicles also rely on a comprehensive security system that includes bulletproof glass, reinforced body panels, and other specialized components to provide complete protection.