Tire Saver Shield™


Easy to install, puncture resistant, sidewall protection for tires. Ideal for heavy industry equipment used in open-pit mining, port operations, steel industry, precast concrete, construction, oil and gas, quarry and demolition applications.

SIDEWALL Protection

Hutchinson’s Tire Saver Shield™ is constructed for use in extreme operating conditions and significantly reduces tire consumption, and the costs related to punctures. The product is suitable for underground and open-pit mining, port operations, precast concrete, construction, oil and gas, and military applications. 

Tire Saver Shield™ is made from a reinforced elastomer material ensuring maximum protection from hazards that compromise the tires vulnerable sidewall. This barrier provides penetration resistance against sharp-edged foreign objects. 

The Mega Tire Saver Shield®,  sold and installed in sections, can accommodate the tire sidewall on large mining vehicles.


Benefits of using Hutchinson’s Tire Saver Shield™

  • Protects the tire sidewall from cuts and impacts at any operating pressure
  • Mirrors the sidewall profile at varied tire operating pressures
  • Reduces thermal signature of tire
  • No effect on the operating temperature of the tire
  • Robust and affordable alternative to tire chains
  • Safe, secure, and certified mounting methods