Rock Monster Wheels

Military Engineered for Civilian Vehicles

The street-legal solution for “air-down” recreational applications.

The Rock Monster by Hutchinson internal double beadlock system gives you the best of both worlds because it delivers unparalleled traction and safety while operating off-road, in a design that is street legal.

Once Rock Monster wheels are installed, switching from on-road to off-road use and back again, in just a few minutes, is as easy as decreasing or increasing tire air pressure through your standard air valve stem or an available central tire inflation system.

This system provides a variety of benefits in safety, performance, convenience, and cost:

  • Military-grade wheels adapted for civilian use.
  • Increases vehicle mobility and maneuverability. Eliminates the tire from spinning on the rim.
  • Prevents dangerous vehicle rollover caused by the loss of tire bead seating.
  • It does not negatively affect tire life or performance. Tires perform at optimum effectiveness under high torque, low-pressure conditions.
  • For all low-pressure requirements. Seals in low-PSI air to keep out foreign materials like dirt, sand, and water.
  • No special tools required for field installation.
  • Uses standard air valves but can also accommodate central tire inflation systems.

Installation Video