Commercial Wheels

Hutchinson provides a full line of products engineered to meet the demands of off-the-road (OTR) vehicles in the toughest environments. OTR vehicles are often exposed to considerable impacts and extreme loading during both off-road and highway use. Hutchinson can supply an existing product or design a custom product to meet customer requirements for performance, weight or cost.

The Hutchinson Solution:

Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Wheels

Using decades of experience designing wheels, runflat inserts and internal beadlocks for military vehicles, Hutchinson engineers can provide necessary features for vehicles that need military-like performance off the road and in rugged terrain.  Hutchinson offers mobility products for fire and emergency service vehicles, brush trucks (to include wheels for “super single” conversions), vehicles used in hazardous terrain such as mines, Expedition and Overlanding vehicles, extreme off-road 4x4s (Rock Monster wheels), and any other off-road vehicle.

Hutchinson Mobile Crane Wheels 

Max weight regulations impose design compromises between crane features, performance and payload. Hutchinson lightweight aluminum wheels can save up to 60% of the weight compared to a steel wheel, enabling a higher load carrying capacity, better automotive performance, lower emissions and allowing other elements of the vehicle to be strengthened. 

Monorail/Automated People Mover Wheels 

Hutchinson’s engineers have created the mobility products specialized for monorails and automated people movers.  Hutchinson internal and external runflats, load wheels and guide wheels ensure reliable performance, easy maintenance, a smooth ride and improved safety.

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield™ is constructed for use in extreme operating conditions. The composition of Tire Saver Shield™, made from reinforced elasto­meric material, ensures maximum protection from hazards that can compromise the tires’ vulnerable sidewall. This barrier provides penetration resistance, especially against rock out croppings and sharp-edged objects.

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