Rock Monster Dual Internal Beadlock System


WHAT IS A beadlock?

To increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrains such as sand, mud or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tire. This is achieved by decreasing the tires’ air pressure.

internal double beadlock technology diagram

How does internal double beadlock work?

The Rock Monster internal double beadlock system holds the tire bead securely against the rim, without breaking the bead seal or slipping during use.

The beadlock insert helps maintain the tire bead seal even at low air pressures, allowing you to get a wider range of performance from a single set of tires.

Wheel with Hutchinson beadlock

Dual internal beadlock intact after tire blowout

Wheel without beadlock


  • Reduce tire pressure
  • Increase traction and braking and improve steering control on rocks, sand, snow, dirt, and mud
  • Enable tires to flex over uneven surfaces rather than slide off them
  • Prevent tires from sinking into the sand, mud and snow or spinning on the wheel
  • Prevent dangerous rollovers caused by loss of bead seating


Hutchinson’s Dual Internal Beadlock System

External Beadlock Ring

  • Does not negatively affect tire life or performance
  • Keeps out foreign materials like dirt, sand, and water
  • No special tools required
  • Accommodates standard air valves and OEM TPMS
  • DOT-Approved
  • Street legal
  • Hardware protected from damage inside the wheel
  • Locks both tire beads securely to the rim
  • Air down less than 5 psi without risk of losing a tire bead
  • Tire manufacturers honor warranty
  • Does not account for varied bead thickness
  • May burp air out of the backside of wheel
  • Applies uneven torsional stresses to tire sidewall
  • Cannot accommodate TPMS
  • Not DOT-Approved
  • Not street legal
  • External ring bolts put hardware at risk for damage
  • Bead seals on wrong side of tire
  • Unable to air down below 10 PSI in most cases
  • Voids tire manufacturers warranty

As a result, vehicle capabilities are enhanced by:

  • Increased traction and braking
  • Improved steering control
  • Minimal chance of rollover caused by the unseating of the tire
  • Preventing foreign materials from entering the tire.

Tim Odell of Vice Unlimited talks about the benefits of Hutchinson DOT approved internal double beadlock wheels.
Vehicle photo credit: Andy Perry IG @benkaptured

Benefits of Rock Monster Wheels:

  • DOT-T Approved Internal Double Beadlock Wheel
  • Street Legal
  • Military Pedigree – engineered for civilian vehicles
  • TRUE Internal Double Beadlock Wheel
  • Rubber beadlock inserts evenly to “Lock” both tire beads
  • Two-Piece Wheel Assembly
  • No mounting machines required