Tires can be the primary target to immobilize a wheeled vehicle. A vehicle must escape at high speeds or complete its mission with one or all the tires flat. The Hutchinson Runflat has proven to be priceless to the protection of the passengers and its vehicle.

Hutchinson runflats include:

  • Lightweight runflats for 1-piece wheels
  • Heavy Duty runflats for off-road tactical wheels
  • Ballistic and impact-resistant materials

Regardless of the conditions, a military or security vehicle must be able to maintain mobility with one or all tires flat to complete the mission and return the crew to a safe environment.

Hutchinson has provided runflat systems to the military and security markets since 1926. The Hutchinson family of Tacticalâ„¢ runflats, including the Rodgard runflat, are relied upon worldwide to ensure mobility and safety in all-terrain and combat situations.


  • Rodgard Runflat
  • Adjustable Hardware
  • Runner – Roller Design
  • 1-Piece Wheels


  • Static Runflat
  • Non-adjustable Hardware
  • 1-Piece Wheels


  • Fully Compliant Premium Performance Runflat
  • Reinforced Rubber
  • Variable Function; combines beadlock and runflat capability
  • 2-Piece Tactical Wheels


  • Premium Composite Runflat
  • Rubber Beadlocks
  • 2-Piece Tactical Wheels


  • Heavy Duty Composite Runflat
  • Reinforced with Rubber Beadlocks
  • 2-Piece Tactical Wheels