About Us

Hutchinson Industries Inc.

Hutchinson Industries Inc., Defense and Mobility Systems (DMS) headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, is a division of Hutchinson Worldwide.  Founded over 50 years ago, Hutchinson Worldwide is comprised of over 40,000 employees, with manufacturing facilities in more than 24 countries producing a broad spectrum of defense, automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer products.  For the past 40 years Hutchinson Industries Inc. has created a legacy of excellence in all the markets it serves and a commitment to achieving the highest possible quality in every product they produce.

Hutchinson is ITAR registered

Hutchinson Industries is registered by the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls as a manufacturer of defense articles under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

Hutchinson has joint certification with Canada

Hutchinson Industries, Inc. (CAGE Code 62161) is a Joint Certification Program (JCP) qualified contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense and Canadian Department of National Defence.

Hutchinson Industries is a proud member of the following organizations; 


Hutchinson serves multiple industries including defense, security, and aerospace

Hutchinson’s products include:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Wheels
  • Runflats
  • Beadlocks
  • Wheel Covers & Wheel Steps
  • Safetank Self-Sealing Fuel Tanks
  • Road Wheels and Track
  • Complete Wheel Assemblies
  • Integrated CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)
  • Industrial Stock and Net Shapes
  • High Complexity Aerospace Machined Parts

Trusted in demanding applications around the world

Hutchinson engineered vehicle mobility solutions are proven and trusted in a wide variety of markets:

  • Military Vehicles
  • Security Services
  • Up-Armoring Contractors
  • OEM Specialty Vehicles
  • Police and Emergency Response
  • Public Transport: Buses, People Movers, Monorail
  • Government (Federal / State / Local / Contractors)
  • Cash In Transit (CIT) Transport Services
  • Mining / Agricultural / Construction
  • Off-Road Recreational Vehicles

Designed and built in our state-of-the-art facilities

Hutchinson’s experienced engineers can design, engineer and manufacture mobility solutions to meet every specialized need. Whether the requirements are for automobiles, trucks, military vehicles, high-security limousines, material handling equipment or monorail/people mover systems – Hutchinson can help. Hutchinson’s service includes all required certifications of compliance, performed by independent testing laboratories, to whatever standards are required by the end-user.