Rock Monster Internal
Double Beadlock System

How does it work?

The Rock Monster internal double beadlock system holds the tire bead securely against the rim, without breaking the bead seal or slipping during use.

The beadlock insert helps maintain the tire bead seal even at low air pressures, allowing you to get a wider range of performance from a single set of tires.

As a result the vehicle capabilities are enhanced by:

  • Increased traction and braking
  • Improved steering control
  • Minimal chance of rollover caused by the unseating of the tire
  • Preventing foreign materials from entering the tire.

Benefits of the Rock Monster Wheels:

  • DOT-T Compliant Internal Double Beadlock Wheel
  • Street Legal
  • Military Pedigree – engineered for civilian vehicles
  • TRUE Internal Double Beadlock Wheel
    • Rubber beadlock inserts evently to “Lock” both tire beads
  • Two-Piece Wheel Assembly
    • No mounting machines required

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