Hutchinson Industries Inc. Offers Midé’s enDAQ® Shock and Vibration Sensor Solutions

Hutchinson Industries, Inc., the leading manufacturer of defense and mobility systems, offers Midé’s enDAQ® shock and vibration sensor solutions.

enDAQ’s shock, vibration, and environmental sensors offer engineers a convenient, adaptable, and reliable solution for acquiring, analyzing, and acting on data.

For seven years, enDAQ sensors have been trusted in harsh environments by over 2,000 diverse customers and the US Navy. With its storage capacity for billions of data points, enDAQ’s standalone, handheld measurement system can be relied on to record accurate shock and vibration data whether the environment is Automotive and Trucks, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industry, Marine, or Rail. 

Easy Set Up
enDAQ sensors can be set up in minutes and feature multiple accelerometers, embedded sensors, and user-configurable wake-up conditions and sample rates. enDAQ has also developed a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor which — when paired with the enDAQ Cloud platform — enables users to collect, upload, share, and access raw data remotely and helps projects move toward condition-based maintenance.

Analysis Software
In addition to its sensors, enDAQ offers three free software packages for shock and vibration data analysis — enDAQ Lab, enDAQ Analyzer, and the VibrationData Toolbox — and the enDAQ Cloud platform. The enDAQ Cloud has four membership options including a free version. Some of the benefits and features of the enDAQ Cloud include custom alerts based on recorded data; easily accessible data files that can be searched and shared; and basic and advanced analysis metrics, updated automatically.

About Midé Technology Corporation:
Midé Technology Corporation, founded in 1989, is an Innovative, Agile, and Proven engineering company that develops, produces, and markets high-performance products and solutions. Brands include; Marine Seals,, and enDAQ is a Division of Midé Technology. Midé is a Hutchinson Company. For more information on enDAQ, visit

About Hutchinson Industries Inc.
Hutchinson Industries Inc., Defense and Mobility Systems (DMS) headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, is a division of Hutchinson Worldwide.  Hutchinson Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of enhanced mobility components for vehicles within the defense, security, and commercial industries. Hutchinson’s products include runflats and SecureBand™ safety system to help protect passengers in the event of a tire blowout or puncture, tire beadlocks, heavyweight aluminum wheels for military, security, and civilian use, road wheels for tracked vehicles, high-performance polymer shapes, CNC machined parts, Tire Saver Shield™ to prevent sidewall punctures, and Safetank light-weight self-sealing fuel tanks. Hutchinson Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Trenton, NJ, with a facility in Buffalo, NY.