Security Runflats

The Hutchinson Composite Runflat (CRF) provides the convenience of two or three piece designs that can be installed on one-piece drop center wheels. It is well suited for passenger car designs including up-armored limousines. It is also available in low-profile sizes to accommodate modern high-performance automobiles.

CRF Runflat System

Armored vehicles can be compromised when immobilized by ballistic or terrain related tire damage. Security vehicles operating in unsafe surroundings must be properly equipped in order to be able to complete the mission and carry the crew to safety.


Regardless of the condition, a security vehicle must be able to maintain mobility with one or all tires flat in order to escape danger and return the crew to safety. Our SAFETY CRF solution is designed to achieve 50 km at 50 km/h while our ESCAPE CRF is designed to achieve 15 km at 50 km/h. We can also supply custom designed CRFs to meet other specifications required by our customers.

High Speed/ High Load

The typical limitations of runflats are speed and load carrying capacity. A runflat system must be able to achieve high speed in inflated mode without generating vibrations and carry high loads without collapsing. The CRF is made of high quality thermoset reinforced plastic and has been approved on high speed as well as high load vehicles.

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