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Portable, Adaptable & Reliable Shock & Vibration Sensor Solutions

enDAQ’s range of compact, wireless, and Wi-Fi enabled shock, vibration and environmental sensors and software offer engineers convenient, accurate and cost-effective measurement and analysis in almost any environment. For applications such as manufacturing, transportation of high-value assets, condition monitoring, and testing & development.


Already trusted by thousands of companies, enDAQ combines the benefits of both simple loggers (easy to use, portable, affordable and wireless), and traditional DAQ instrumentation (multi-functional, accurate and reliable).

The enDAQ platform includes sensor products, services, and free analysis software. enDAQ has just released the enDAQ Cloud – a platform to upload raw data for sharing and analysis. enDAQ offers engineers a convenient, adaptable, and reliable solution for acquiring, analyzing, and acting on shock, vibration and environmental data.

Product Features

  • Standalone measurement system with sensors, storage & rechargeable battery
  • Handheld form factor
  • Setup in minutes over USB interface
  • Multiple accelerometers for dynamic range
  • Many additional embedded sensors into single system
  • User-programmable wake-up conditions and sample rates
  • Trusted in harsh environments by over 2,000 customers & the US Navy
  • Calibrated with NIST Traceable Accelerometer
  • Storage capacity for billions of data points


enDAQ included shock and vibration sensors

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