Security Tire Saver Shield

The tire’s sidewall represents one of the most vulnerable parts of a wheeled vehicle. It is essential to protect the tire in order to prevent the risk of immobilization caused by sidewall damage, destruction, fire, or detection.

Protection against Sabotage

Enemies can willingly cause damage to a tire’s side wall with sharp knives or small screwdrivers. Vehicles operating in unfriendly environments must be equipped to prevent such attacks.

The materials and unique design of the Tire Saver Shield have been optimized to prevent the perforation of the sidewall. The tire remains protected behind the Tire Saver Shield and the mobility and safety of the vehicle preserved.

Fire Protection

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield has been designed and tested to be fire retardant. The Tire Saver Shield is made of fire resistant materials that offer a high degree of protection against fire.

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