Public Transit Wheels & Runflats

Many people mover applications that are produced today have a more demanding weight specification, added mobility requirement or mechanical features that may require a specially designed wheel & runflat assembly. Hutchinson offers a modular runflat that is designed to fit a Hutchinson two-piece aluminum wheel.  Hutchinson also offers a runflat solution to fit a one-piece drop center wheel design.  Hutchinson custom designs wheel and runflat solutions that meet the requirements of public transit vehicles.

Public Transit Wheels & Runflat Solutions

  • Major Supplier of Mobility Devices for Monorail and People Mover Industry
  • Load wheels, Guide wheels
  • Runflat inserts for all wheel positions
  • External runflat options
  • Full turnkey wheel, runflat, tire assemblies ready to mount.
  • Integration of tire pressure monitoring systems

Load & Guide Wheels

  • Forged and Cast Aluminum
  • 1 and 2 piece wheels
  • Single or Dual Mount Configurations
  • Custom designed for easy integration of runflat
  • Optimized for weight and duty cycle performance

Custom Design

  • Custom turn-key design, up to 36” diameter and 20,000 lbs load
  • Low up front cost for development and prototyping
  • Fast development cycles (as low as 4 weeks)
  • Small to large production runs
  • Hutchinson wheels are thoroughly tested for people mover specifications and offers a 10 plus years of service life on all load & guide wheels.

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