Public Transit Tire Saver Shield

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield provides proven protection to the highly vulnerable tire sidewalls of buses and other public transit vehicles.

  • Tear Resistant – Protects the tire sidewall from damage caused by curb impact and/or curb rash.
  • Improved Safety – Helps eliminate potential tire blowouts due to severe curb impact.
  • High Strength / Light Weight Materials – Minimal impact on overall vehicle weight.
  • Ease of Attachment – The Tire Saver Shield can be easily attached or removed from any wheel position.
  • Reduce Tire Life Cycle Costs – Can reduce the overall fleet and maintenance costs by greatly reducing tire replacements.

Continued Operation

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield improves the continued operation of vehicles by reducing down time, cutting maintenances expenses and assuring customer satisfaction.

Survivability of tires

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield consists of a heavy duty reinforced material. The composition of the Tire Saver Shield material can withstand the curb abrasions that bus and transit tire sidewalls often endure during operations.

Maintenance Costs Savings

Sidewall damage is not typically covered under tire warranty. Therefore, protecting the sidewall will avoid costly and time consuming tire replacements. Reduction in sidewall damage will result in increased tire life, improved retread ability and/or higher casing credits cutting tire life cycle costs.

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