Off The Road Wheels

Construction vehicles are often exposed to considerable impacts and extreme loading during both off-road and highway use. Hutchinson aluminum wheels have been proven to perform in the toughest environments, including off-road durability tests and military applications. The 2 piece fully machined structure offers improved safety over 3 piece lock ring designs. Reinforced flanges over standard 1 piece and split rims offer improved capacity for rugged use.

Custom Design

  • Custom turn-key design, up to 36” diameter and 20,000 lbs load
  • Low up front cost for development and prototyping
  • Fast development cycles (as low as 4 weeks)
  • Small to large production runs

Optimized Weight

Maximum weight regulations impose design compromises between vehicle features, performance and payload. The Hutchinson lightweight aluminum wheels can save up to 60% of the weight compared to a steel wheel, providing a higher load carrying capacity or key elements of the vehicle to be strengthened.


Specialty One Piece Rims

Stiff construction tires are difficult to mount onto standard drop center rims. Hutchinson develops over sized drop centers wheels or 2 piece bolted together wheels for simplified mounting.

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