Tire Saver Shield™

Hutchinson’s Tire Saver Shield™ is constructed for use in extreme operating conditions. The composition of Tire Saver Shield™, made from a reinforced elastomeric material, ensures maximum protection from hazards that can compromise the tires vulnerable sidewall. This barrier provides penetration resistance, especially against sharp-edged foreign objects.

Benefits of using Hutchinson’s Tire Save Shield

  • Suitable for underground and open-pit mining, construction, oil and gas, quarry and demolition applications
  • Protects the tire sidewall from penetration of foreign objects
  • Mirrors the sidewall profile at varied tire operating pressures
  • Has no negative effects on the operating temperature of the tire
  • Excellent and affordable alternative to tire chains
  • Compatible with most wheel manufactures and available in a broad range of sizes
  • Safe, secure, and simple to install and maintain

Protection Against Sidewall Cuts

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield is made of reinforced rubber and is mounted directly onto the wheel. The materials were carefully selected to be extremely resistant to tearing and perforation. The Tire Saver Shield creates a barrier between the tire side wall and damaging terrain such as rocks and debris, preventing sharp elements from destroying or puncturing the tire.

Protect tire sidewalls with Tire Saver Shield™

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