Off The Road Tire Saver Shield

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield consists of a heavy duty reinforced elastomeric product. The composition of the Tire Saver Shield material guarantees the absolute tearing and puncture resistance especially in a terrain with sharp-edged rocks, etc. The life cycle of the tire is greatly extended by reducing tire sidewall damage.

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield provides a very efficient protection to the highly stressed tire side walls of construction machines:

  • under various application conditions
  • puncture-resistant – protects tire wall from cuts, tears, & snag damage
  • fire retardant (if required)
  • tire temperature regulation – will not increase operational temperature of the sidewall
  • adapted on tire geometry – forms to the tire geometry at required CTIS air pressures
  • assembly possible on any wheel
  • easy mounting/dismounting

Mobility for every condition

The HUTCHINSON Tire Saver Shield guarantees the mobility of vehicles in the most difficult terrains under very tough mission requirements for the wheel.  This device can often prevent the tire from running flat (in case of tire damages caused by difficult terrain). The shape of the tire shield integrates the milling and vulnerable tire side wall. The mission can be continued. A change of wheels or tires is therefore not immediately necessary.

Protection Against Sidewall Cuts

The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield is made of reinforced rubber and is mounted directly onto the wheel. The materials were carefully selected to be extremely resistant to tearing and perforation. The Tire Saver Shield creates a barrier between the tire side wall and damaging terrain such as rocks and debris, preventing sharp elements from destroying the tire.

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