Fire & Rescue Wheels

Hutchinson proposes a turnkey solution from concept to production. Each new Hutchinson wheel is designed by our in-house engineering department. We use state of the art solid modeling CAD and FEA software technology. We design, prototype, test, validate, and document our products to meet stringent and unique customer requirements.

Custom Design

  • Custom turn-key design, up to 36” diameter and 20,000 lbs load
  • Low up front cost for development and prototyping
  • Fast development cycles (as low as 4 weeks)
  • Small to large production runs

Easy Mounting and Safe Service

On a three piece lock ring type wheel, it is impossible to change a tire in the field. A tire mounting/dismounting machine or vertical press is needed.

Impact Resistance/Toughness

Hutchinson aluminum wheels have been proven to perform in the toughest environments, including off-road durability tests and military applications. The 2 piece fully machined structure offers improved longevity over 3 piece lockring designs. Reinforced flanges of standard 1 piece and split rims offer improved capacity under rough conditions.

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