Hutchinson, the world leader in mobility systems, has provided runflat system solutions to the military and security markets since 1926. Hutchinson family of runflats consisting of the VPPV, VFI and Countermine VFI are relied upon worldwide by soldiers to ensure mobility and safety in all terrain and combat situations.

The Hutchinson family of runflats with the VFI™ (Variable Function Insert) and VPPV have become the “gold standard” in military runflat applications. Hutchinson’s Countermine VFI is specially designed to increase protection and survivability from mine blast.

The tires are the primary target to immobilize a wheeled vehicle. It is vital to the crew that a vehicle can escape at high speed or complete its mission with one or all of the tires flat. The VFI™ has withstood some of the harshest wartime conditions, and has proven to be priceless to the protection of the crew and its vehicle.

Hutchinson Beadlock Technology

  • Increased traction and braking.
  • Improved steering control.
  • Minimal chance of rollover caused by the unseating of the tire.
  • Preventing foreign materials from entering the tire.

Field Mountable Runflats

In the field runflat replacement is sometimes necessary. Although a mounting station is ideal for such situations its not always possible. Hutchinson has designed a number of field mountable runflat solutions that make changing runflats with out insertion equipment possible.

Hutchinson Runflat Technology

Hutchinson proposes a variety of runflat technologies and solutions. Many of these solutions are currently providing protection on military applications worldwide and can be manufactured to meet known standards such as FINABEL or the US Army specifications. Hutchinson can also provide a custom runflat solution tailored to specific customer needs.

Mine Protection

The rubber material and reinforcements that the Hutchinson VFI™ is composed of permit it to absorb a substantial amount of energy from the mine blast. In combination with the Hutchinson aluminum wheel the VFI™ has shown to significantly reduce the acceleration from a blast.

Independent test results the mine blast acceleration is 80% on a steel wheel without VFI™ compared to a steel wheel with VFI™. The mine blast acceleration is 145% on a steel wheel without VFI™ compared to a aluminum wheel with VFI™.

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