Deflation Safety System

The Hutchinson Deflation Safety System is designed to prevent removal of the rim nuts while the tire is still pressurized. The Deflation Safety System also allows for rapid deflation 3x faster.

Dangerous Pressure

Depending on the tire size, the amount of pressure released can be fatal. Our Deflation Safety System allows the pressure to be releases safely and quickly when compared to the current method.

Current Method of Dismantling

Full Air Pressure


Tire is still pressurized. If the user removed nuts without first deflating through the valve, high pressure can release outer rim dangerously.

New Safety Ring Method

STEP1: Full Air Pressure

STEP 2: Ring needs to be removed to access rim nuts.

STEP 3: If the user forgets to deflate through the valve, removal of the ring breaks sealed passage. Tire is forced to deflate.

STEP 4: The rim nuts can now be removed at zero air pressure.


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