About Hutchinson

Our History

Founded in 1853, Hutchinson is one of the world’s oldest rubber product manufacturers. In addition to Hutchinson Defense and Security Division, other Hutchinson divisions manufacture rubber products for automobiles, commercial and construction equipment, trains, shipbuilding and other industrial applications. As a subsidiary of Total, Hutchinson is able to draw on diverse research and chemical resources of one of the world’s largest petroleum and chemical manufacturers to respond to any customer’s needs.

Our Division

Hutchinson Industries Inc. is the premier manufacturer of engineered mobility solutions for wheeled and tracked combat, security, off-road, and commercial/industrial vehicles. Hutchinson’s products include; Runflats, lightweight aluminum wheels, road wheels and track, Tire Saver Shield™ and Safetank self-sealing fuel tanks.

Our Mission

To provide engineered mobility solutions for all wheeled combat and off-road vehicles. Hutchinson’s customer-oriented philosophy allows us to provide responsive support to our customers, from prototyping and low-rate production through full production, with products that are custom suited to the customers’ needs. Innovative design and development concepts allow us to meet a wide variety of needs that support retrofitting to existing vehicles and maximizing the performance of new vehicles, while also meeting the demands of tomorrow’s lighter but more survivable combat vehicles.

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