The Stryker Brigade Combat Team thanks us for our innovative technology.

"These products have made travel safer for all, but especially for soldiers...Your efforts and innovations undoubtedly saved many lives."

Robert W. Schumitz
Colonel, US Army

Military: military Ballisti-Can


Being stranded on a mission due to lack of spare fuel can leave the vehicle and crew in a life threatening situation.  The Hutchinson Ballisti-Can assures that your spare fuel will not be compromised due to gun fire and allow the crew to complete the mission and return safely. 

Ballistic Protection

The Ballisti-Can protects spare fuel cans from leaks caused by:
  • Ballistic punctures from 5.56 to 14.5 mm
  • Blast fragments

    Bullet exiting a Ballisti-Can fuel can

Fire Suppression / Anti-Explosion

The Ballisti-Can outer coating closes off wounds and stops fuel leaks:
  • Reduces risk of fire and explosion
  • Fire retardant layer prevents crew injury from external fires

Cost Savings

Fuel can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 dollars a gallon.  The Hutchinson Ballisti-Can avoids any unnecessary waste of fuel due to leaks from enemy fire and other damaging explosions.


Abrasion Resistance

The Ballisti-Can withstands impacts from heavy debris and withstands the harsh conditions seen by military off road vehicles.