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  • Ballistic protection
  • Fire-suppression and Anti-explosion
  • Weight savings
  • Abrasion Resistance

Security: Safetank

Security Safetank

All types of vehicles can be subjected to the dangers of explosion caused by gunfire, mines and IED’s, and various security threats. To increase survivability, a vehicle with appropriate protection is required. Vehicles equipped with Safetank protected fuel tanks have a greater chance to complete missions and return crews safely. Hutchinson is able to offer various levels of fuel tank protection to accommodate the customers' unique needs.

Ballistic Protection

The SAFETANK self sealing outer coating seals entry and exit holes instantly:
  • Retains fuel in tank
  • Minimizes potential ignition of spilled fuel

Fire Suppression / Anti-Explosion

The SAFETANK outer coating closes off wounds and stops fuel leaks:
  • Reduces risk of fire and explosion
  • Fire retardant layer prevents crew injury from external fires
  • Internal fillers inhibit ignition of fuel vapor during blast and penetration

Weight Savings

Safetank protective coating:
  • Eliminates need for armor plates, metal or composite
  • Enables use of lightweight tank material: plastic or aluminum
  • Can reduce system weight up to 220lbs. on some applications

Abrasion Resistance

The outer layer of the SAFETANK can take impacts from heavy debris and withstands the harsh conditions seen by military off road vehicles