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Our Products: Runflats

Hutchinson Runflats

For over a half century, Hutchinson runflats have ensured the mobility of wheeled combat vehicles. The Hutchinson family of runflats with the VFI™ (Variable Function Insert) and VPPV have become the “gold standard” in military runflat applications. Hutchinson’s Countermine VFI™ is specially designed to increase protection and survivability from mine blast. 

Hutchinson also provides runflat mobility for commercial vehicles. The CRF(Composite Runflat) unique material provides commercial vehicles with the essential protection needed for non-combat situations. The CRRF (Composite Rubber Runflat) consists of a rubber material that allows more flexibility for off-road terrain. Finally the Rodgard Runflat comprised of two components aids mobility in a variety of applications including monorail trains.

Runflat Markets:

Public Transit