I just want to thank your company for making a superior product. I personally do not own your product but I used your product the last two deployments I had in Afganistan. I would not have been able to navigate a lot of the terrain that I did if my vehicles were not equiped with your product. Again thank you!!

Joseph Raulerson
US Army

Military: Linkeo®


The LINKEO® exhaust flexible coupler provides optimum filtration of structure-borne vibrations from the Powertrain to the exhaust line. This composite flexible exhaust coupler is capable of absorbing large relative displacements between the powertrain and the vehicle body, with low stiffness.

This can substantially improve filtering qualities in all directions and particularly in torsion. With LINKEO®, it is possible to very significantly reduce displacements between the exhaust line and the vehicle floor, by stiffening the exhaust hangers, which gives an appreciable space saving in the lower part.

The endurance and thermal behavior of LINKEO® does not depend on metallic components. The weight of the flexible function is reduced by about 50%, and thermal losses are lowered enabling faster heating of hot gases entering post-treatment anti-pollution devices after start-up, and helping to keep these gases at a higher temperature.