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For over 150 years, Hutchinson has provided quality rubber products for industrial and commercial uses. Our innovation and research have elevated the company into the premiere developer of runflat and vehicle survival systems.

About Hutchinson

Aug 28, 2012

Canadian Consulate visited Hutchinson Industries, Inc.

Representatives from the Canadian Consulate visited Hutchinson Industries to express their appreciation for supplying products that help to protect Canadian soldiers.  Olivier Marsaly, president of Hutchinson Industries was presented with a certificate of appreciation for Hutchinson’s on going commitment.  During the visit the representatives shared a story of a Canadian LAV that was supplied with Hutchinson Runflats that lost all 8 of its tires and the crew was able to escape without any casualties. The representatives also toured the various Hutchinson locations in Trenton and gained first hand knowledge of how Hutchinson products work.  They were also able to drive a Hummer with flat tires to experience the products in use.  The Consul General of Canada had this to say after his visit.

"Hutchinson Industries is a great example of the central importance of the Canada/U.S. relationship".  "It's a corporation that generates business and supports vital jobs on both sides of the border, while creating products that protect and save the lives of our nations' military servicemen and women in their efforts around the world. I was glad to have the opportunity today to convey appreciation to Hutchinson for all that they do."

-John Prato, Consul General of Canada